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Dark Light Salomon

This page is a project of the “Magical Artifacts Bruenisholz” Company, which aims to reveal the “Dark Light” to the world. The company founder has been working on the hermetic arts for decades and is a proven expert in numerous occult techniques and topics, with his preference focused on Western ritual and sexual magic. Each item offered here was developed by himself and is an essence of his many years of studies in the field of hermetics.

Without exception, all the products distributed here have a direct, quantum physical connection to Sagittarius A*, the eerie and all-engulfing black hole in the center of our galaxy, through its magical charge with the “Lapis Philosophorum” in the “TEMPLUM SALOMON 936”. Furthermore, most products are handmade, which protects them from disruptive influences on the metaphysical level and makes them unique.

The times when one had to worship the sun in religious delusion in order to gain a little knowledge from the demiurge are definitely over by the artifacts of the MAB-Company, because now you can connect directly and without further ado with the non-deity, which stands behind everything that was, what is and what will become!

Exchange your faith and get the knowledge that only the “Dark Light” can lead you to true knowledge. Use the power of the black hole in the center of the Milky Way around which our solar system orbits, so that your magic beyond space and time is given the necessary emphasis to realize itself on the profane plane. We are convinced that our products will not disappoint you…


“Light is fabric, and darkness is pure spirit. Darkness in its inherent, metaphysical basis is subjective and absolute light, but light in all its splendour and splendor is merely a lot of shadow, and since it can never be eternal, only an illusion or Maya.”

Helena Petrowna Blavatsky