Explanations of the Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher's Stone

Excerpt from “The Morning of the Magicians” Louis Pauwels / Jacques Bergier The modern alchemist and the spirit of research – A description of what the alchemist does in his laboratory – The infinite repetition of the experiment – What does he expect? – The preparation of darkness – The electronic gas – The dissolving […]

The Dark Star of Babylon


I am extremely pleased that we are able to present the second product in our range in time for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn during the winter solstice, through which we enter the Aquarian Age. When the Star of Bethlehem, as John Kepler propagated, announced the light of Jesus, it is now time […]

Lucifer – Bringer of the Dark Light?!

Uranium and phosphorus

Lucifer in mythology Greek Completely far from an identification with evil, the Light-bringer appears very early on in the ancient Greeks under the name Phosphoros (“Lightbringer”), respectively Eosphoros (“Bringer of Dawn”). According to Hesiod, he is the son of Titan Eos and Titan Astraios (who also produced the four winds: Zephyr, Notos, Boreas and Euros), […]