The Dark Star of Babylon

I am extremely pleased that we are able to present the second product in our range in time for the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn during the winter solstice, through which we enter the Aquarian Age.

The riddle in Liber Al vel Legis
LAvL – Chapter II – Verse 75

When the Star of Bethlehem, as John Kepler propagated, announced the light of Jesus, it is now time to sweep away the old world of gods through the dark star of Babylon and to gain the gnostic realization that behind the illusory sun god lies a much more powerful non-deity that reveals the Dark Light.

Astrophysics has now shown that our solar system revolves around a central, black hole, just as we move around the sun on Earth, which is why we now want to anchor this on the metaphysical plane. To give you the opportunity to do this, the “Saturn-Coin” will be available in the Black Hole Shop from tomorrow, 21.12.2020 at 18:33.

Through its saturnic-uranic effect, you get a powerful tool that frees you from the illusion so that you can recognize yourself and connect you through King Saturn with what is behind everything that was, what is and what will become!

The dark light portal is now opened for you by the Dark Star of Babylon…

Dark Age

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